JESS3 Is Fusing The Garbage Pail Kids With Silicon Valley, With Awesome Results

Silicon Valley — long home to an array of eccentric personalities and world-changing companies — is finally getting the irreverent caricatures it deserves. JESS3, the popular design firm run by Jesse Thomas, is putting together a set of collectable cards showcasing (and poking fun at) the tech industry, and the early results look great.  We’ve embedded a handful of the first sketches Thomas has released below.

If the drawing style looks familiar, you’re either a child of the 80’s or a fan of Mad Magazine — all sketches are by artist Tom Bunk, who is responsible for the look of the Garbage Pail Kids and has contributed to Mad since 1993.

Thomas has been posting Bunk’s sketches to his Facebook profile for the last few weeks, which so far include companies like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. There’s also an awesome one of my boss, who has been given the moniker Mike Crushington. All in all, these look seriously awesome — I can’t wait until they’re available for purchase.