Voice actor who played Half-Life 2's Dr. Breen has passed away

Remember the rash of celebrity deaths last year? Well this one just affected me more than all of those combined. The voice actor who played Dr. Wallace Breen, of Half-Life 2 fame, has passed away. Sad news is sad.

Robert Culp died after falling in an unnamed Los Angeles park. He was 79.

He did other stuff besides utterly creeping you out as you fought your way across City 17. Did you know he co-starred, alongside Bill Cosby, on a TV show in the 1960s called “I Spy”? I certainly didn’t know that. He also played Ray Romano’s father-in-law in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

But to us gamers, yes, he will forever be known as Dr. Breen, the Earth Administrator who tried convincing us of the futility of resisting the Combine.

Y’all might want to check out Edge magazine this month, since there’s a pretty great feature talking to Valve on how they made Half-Life 2 so damn good. I’ve actually replaying through the game of late—pretty crazy that a five-year-old FPS has never been topped.