Twision, the first ever twitter television show makes a splash in Spain

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Yesterday we gave you an intro into the first real Twitter television initiative, Twision, originating from none other than a digital TV channel in Spain, VEO7, a part of Unidad Editorial.

Veo7 launched their first Twision program last Thursday and will continue to air every Thursday evening at midnight. Here’s some more post-launch insight into the initiative.

Unlike other international attempts to integrate Twitter, uni-directionally, Twision viewers are able to use the #veo7 hashtag to speak directly to presenters and influence where the program’s discussion goes — branded “twittertulia”.

During the latest program (which is at midnight and Veo7 is not a prime channel), Melchor Miralles’ timeline crashed and he was quickly buried under nearly 2,000 comments and suggestions.

The numbers? 80,000 watched the program for the entire hour, while 659,000 watched at least some of it. Worthwhile? Certainly, and if they do this right, they could position this as ‘people’s channel’.

Veo7 in itself aims to be open, collaborative and highly sensitive to public opinion. They’re deploying a very active social media strategy, reaching out to their audience. As an extension of their motto to involve the viewer, they launched the Twision program, essentially an innovative way to integrate two platforms, television and twitter for live programming, an idea born to Jaime Gutiérrez-Colomer.

Prior to launch, without advertising, the #veo7 hashtag took 5th place as a trending topic in Spain and repeatedly peaked to 1st place.

Veo7 is taking Twitter very seriously. Every presenter has a twitter account and more importantly, they use them, live. Can you think of a better way to do live, interactive and viral programming if not on using the most popular social platform for fast expression?

Melchor Miralles, General Director of Veo7 as well as the presenter, promises that as the program evolves, users will be able to get more and more involved, as a fundamental decision maker in the channel’s programming.

Tonight’s program focuses on the #manifiesto, Spain’s online community’s manifest “In Defense of Fundamental Internet Rights”.

  • Paul Gailey

    It´s a commendable effort for a channel constrained by commercial imperatives to forego the well trodden (and profitable) route of SMS text message audience participation for a twitterfest with what is nonetheless a niche audience. And therein lies the crux – the programme suffers from being insufficiently instructive for novices and possibly not hardcore enough for the twitter maniacs who will always find fault.

    The breakthrough for Twitter will be when mainstream programmes also use it to receive user feedback as in real time as possible – ticker tape style. That said Facebook already takes this honour for some news programmes in Spain particularly for public service broadcasters.

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  • metoo

    I can attest they use the tweets from the audience live: I have sent them tweets commenting on an interview they’re conducting and they have made the question to the interviewee. Quite impressive.

    • jen

      Funny and cute, but its real significance? I think its blurred. First time I heard about it, I thought its the new twitter tv. lol, I prefer the google tv though.

  • ritchie

    Definitely a nice idea, but not the first format which works this way; ATV (Austrian television) put on a show last year called “Am Punkt” (literal translation: “On point”). The show airs each Wednesday at 21:20 CET, basically it’s a political discussion with various social media elements in a bi-directional way:

    1) There is a live-stream
    2) Viewers can participate via Facebook chat
    3) Viewers can upload videos and send tweets.

    The staff picks a couple of questions which the guests have to answer (there’s never enough time to answer all questions). This is definitely a huge trend in television… This is the site (but it’s in German):

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    […] Twision, the first ever twitter television show makes a splash in Spain […]

  • Vishal Sanjay

    Twitter is featured on TV now, and people actually say that Twitter has stopped growing, I think that Twitter still has a long way to go.

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