Shadow eBike makes spokes and wires a thing of the past

While not the first bike to do away with spokes, the Shadow might be the first to see mass production. And its certainly the first to be wireless. Yes, that’s correct. Wireless bicycles.

The Shadow’s designers determined that most eBike malfunctions occur at connection points or due to loose wiring. So hey! Why not just get rid of them? Instead, the braking system, throttle, pedal-assist system are all controlled wirelessly.

The housing within the wheel well holds all of the necessary electronics.


  • HEIGHT: 1.1 meter
  • WIDTH: .61 meter
  • LENGTH: 1.7 meter
  • TIRES: 26 inch WEIGHT: 59 lbs / 26 kilos
  • MOTOR: 500W or 1000W
  • RANGE: 50km Single Battery / 100km Dual Battery
  • CONTROLLER: Daymak Drive™
  • POWER CHARGER: 36V – 110V/220V
  • INCLINE: 20° Single Battery / 30° Dual Battery
  • TOP SPEED: Limited to 32 km/h

Only 300 are being made in the first run, so if you’re looking to get one of these Canadian constructions, get your fifteen hundred bucks out now.

via [RedFerret]