Create your own view of the world with the WindowWall

I love the show Leverage. Partly because it’s filmed in my home town of Portland Oregon, and partly because of the high tech gadgets that they use. For example, the briefing sequences use a wall of LCD TVs. The each TV can show an individual shot, or can be combined into one massive display, which just looks like fun to me. Well, you can buy your own, better version, with the WindowWall.

Created by Runco, the WindowWall is designed to take the concept of your TV being a window to the world to a whole different level. The WindowWall can be set up in many different configurations to set up the ultimate home theater system, or just a fake window to the world in your basement. Pricing is based on the configuration, but I suspect this is one of those “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” situations. Runco’s website has several different renderings of potential setups, and information on how to see a demo.