Twision: Twitter Television Is Here! Well, In Spain Anyway.

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A year ago, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding a possible Twitter television show. So far, aside from a few networks in the U.S. testing out pulling in tweets to augment the watching of some reruns, and even a new show based on a Twitter account, we haven’t heard too much more about it. There was, for example, no Twitter reality show. But actually, there is a Twitter televison show. It’s just in Spain.

As Twitter’s new VP of Communications tweeted out recently, Twision is a Spanish show that debuted on the channel Veo7 last week. While it doesn’t exactly have a prime time slot (it’s on at midnight), it’s an hour-long program that lets viewers send in tweets live that two hosts then interact with. The Spanish site Terra has a bit more (translated).

As you can see from this site hosted by Veo7, the show takes place in a studio with two guys on laptops and a huge screen behind them to showcase tweets. The anchors also show videos and other content as shared on Twitter to talk about. The site features a stream of tweets coming in next to the video player. Below, find an episode embedded for your viewing pleasure (if you speak Spanish).

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