Semantic search-based email filter Kwaga dumps Firefox add-on for desktop widget

[France] Paris-based startup Kwaga, which offers a semantic search-based solution to help manage email, has launched a new desktop widget.

It replaces Kwaga’s existing Firefox add-on, which is being discontinued, following a 6 month Beta testing period that saw nearly 2 million emails analysed, says the company.

Dubbed Kwaga BirdsEye, the Windows/Mac OS/Linux app keeps an eye on your in-box and attempts to single out the most important emails or the ones that require more immediate attention and flag these up while you work in other applications. The idea is that it negates the need or temptation to keep checking your email in situations where you’re waiting for a meeting time confirmation or for an answer to a question you’ve asked a colleague. It makes these intelligent guesses using the company’s semantic search technology.

The semantic element comes into play in the way in which Kwaga tries to make the human readable emails into something that a computer can understand. It does this by analysing the title and body text of an email and automatically applying tags, presumably based on trigger words, such as labeling it a ‘meeting’ or an ‘answer’ or ‘request’, and so on.

The desktop widget then aggregates the emails that the system deems as the most important, all within a nice UI with the labels, email title, time stamp, and excerpt prominently displayed.

Kwaga BirdsEye, which is free for up-to five email addresses and available in English and French, currently works with Gmail only (both personal and Google Apps for your Domain). Yahoo email addresses should be supported in a couple of weeks, while a mobile app is also in the works, though the company doesn’t specify for what platform – iPhone anyone?