Google Bookmarks Adds Lists So You Can Share Even More Links

Google is trying in so many ways to catch up on the sharing front. It wants you to share more links through Google properties such as Gmail, Google Reader, Google News, and Google Buzz. Today, it is adding a new sharing feature to Google Bookmarks. You can now organize bookmarks into lists and share those lists.

For instance, I created this list of stories about Google’s new approach to China (or is it a retreat?). It is a public list. People can follow the list, in case I add more links, or copy the list to their own bookmarks. The list is shareable via email or as a link. The list’s creator can move items up and down the list or create new sections. It is a pretty basic way to group links together, but seems like it could come in handy.

To be honest, I almost completely forgot about Google Bookmarks. In fact, the last time I used it before today was in 2005. But it is integrated into the Google Toolbar and actually gets a lot of usage.