Further tests confirm iPhone touchscreen superiority

The last time I wrote this up, it turned (predictably) into a flamewar in the comments. Look, whether you think the iPhone is the world’s most advanced device or a toy for people who can’t handle real smartphones (I take no stance), you have to admit that its touchscreen is the business. The test I cited before was kind of informal, but they’ve redone it with a robot’s help, and the results are even more pronounced.


As I said before, this is something handset makers need to get on. Accuracy and responsiveness (the robot only tests the former, but the latter almost certainly correlates in quality) are essential to making a UI effective and enjoyable. Apple’s put in the work, and it shows. Whether or not Android or Blackberry is a better platform for this or that, one thing that’s undeniable is that Apple has taken a care with the hardware-UI interface that others haven’t.

[via Apple Insider]