CatholicTV launches 3D programming. Yes, you read that correctly.

Paul would have been so jealous right now. Massachusetts-based CatholicTV has launched 3D programming on its Web site, and plans to launch a proper 3D TV network, à la ESPN 3D, shortly. Take me now, O Lord!

Right, so the network launched the 3D programming yesterday, and you can watch it right now if you have a pair of old school red-and-blue glasses. I don’t happen to have such a pair handy, so I’m not able to say things like, “Well, now I see what the fuss is all about!

You really ought to read the full Canadian Press story, because the guy in charge says some pretty great things, among others, calling 3D a “hot technology.” I haven’t been to a Catholic church in about five years, but I certainly don’t remember the priest using terms like “hot” to describe church goings-on.

All I know is, I’m going to make a killing selling 3D glasses to Broadway show-going tourists in Times Square. “Who wants to see Play when you can see it in 3D! Only $10 each!”