Sirius XM proves its worth this week with Winter Music Conference broadcasts

There’s one week per year that there’s reason to listen to Sirius XM beyond XM Channel 202 The Virus. That’s right, it’s Winter Music Conference time, a time when the world’s top DJs and producers descend upon Miami and have themselves a good ol’ Dionysian time. House music, trance, progressive, Dutch tourists trying to find food that won’t kill them, etc. It’s a good example of what satellite radio could have been.

It’s probably not too crazy to call Sirius XM a niche product, and I’m fine with that. Again, so long as I get to hear the occasional healthcare rant by Anthony, or hear Fez flip out on interns, I’m more than happy with Sirius XM. Every single other channel could disappear and I wouldn’t mind one bit.

Aside from this week! On Channel 80, Area, today begins Sirius XM’s annual broadcast of the Winter Music Conference. It’s basically a five-day electronic music party. Now, electronic music isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but I can think of no better music to accompany a late night World of Warcraft grinding session.

Surprisingly, Sirius XM usually does a good job in broadcasting the festival. It’s non-stop: coverage from various parties, live DJ sets, interviews with producers, etc. “Oh, so that’s what Chris Lake sounds like!”

So yeah, the one week of the year that my Sirius XM dial leaves Channel 202 The Virus for any amount of time. As soon as I hear “Satellite of Love” at the end of Ron and Fez, it’s WMC time.

I haven’t really paid attention to that whole scene in the past year—who’s the big name producer these days?