Opera Submits Browser App For iPhone, But Will It Be Approved?

After hyping the fact that they were building a free browser application for the iPhone and iPod touch, and showing it off to a small circle of reporters at the most recent Mobile World Congress (us included), Opera Software has officially submitted Opera Mini for iPhone to the Apple App Store earlier today.

Million dollar question: will Apple allow it in, or leave the Norwegian software company hanging?

The company says Opera Mini for iPhone is up to 6 times faster than the native browser thanks to its compression and server-side rendering technology, based on internal tests, and after having tried it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year I have to say it’s definitely zooming.

Opera at the time told me that they’d analyzed the App Store policies in great detail, and that they’re completely certain of being 100% compliant – which sort of puts the ball in Apple’s camp.

What do you think its chances for approval are?