Nationite HDVP-2 wakes up in the morning to stream your media

These stand-alone media streamers… Why wouldn’t you buy a PS3 or Xbox 360, then have a video game system in addition to a cheap-ish way to stream all those scene releases of “The Pacific” you downloaded? (That, or put together a full PC if you’re feeling adventurous.) Be that as it may, let’s just quickly highlight another option that’s out there, the Nationite HDVP-2. Not the snappiest name in the world, no.

MP4Nation sells it (well, will sell it: can’t find it on their Web site just yet), and it should stream pretty much anything you throw at it, at resolutions all the way up to 1080p. You connect the device to your TV, then stream over Wi-Fi your media. But then you already knew that.

$100, or 100 wing-wangs as they say in Futurama, whenever it comes out. That I don’t know.