Zygor's guides are half-off this week, World of Warcraft peeps

Just a friendly heads-up, gents. A few months ago, I mentioned the release of Zygor 2.0 for World of Warcraft. Zygor, of course, is an in-game leveling guide that makes going from level 1 to level 80 pretty painless. Crushingly boring and repetitive—much of the sense of adventure is lost following step-by-step, but that’s the same with any strategy guide—but painless nonetheless. Anyhow, the guide is on sale this week, and if you were ever thinking about getting it, but were put off by its price, well…

The guide sits in-game, like any other add-on, and uses the waypoint system to tell you where to go. “Talk to Man A, collect Quest, kill 10 boars. Talk to Man B, collect Quest, find 5 items. Talk to Woman A, collect Quest, go back to Man A and Man B to turn in Quests.”

It’s all nice and legal per the letter of the law, also knows as the Blizzard EULA. It’s no different than playing Final Fantasy with a strategy guide by your side, or, to bring this into the year 2010, with a netbook by your side on GameFaqs.

I should probably mention the price at some point. For the duration of this sale, which ends on the 24th, you can get both guides for $50 (down from $100) or $25 each for the Alliance or Horde guide. (The guides are sold separately.)

I don’t know, I thought it was worth mentioning. Carry on.