Switzerland approaches complete ban on violent video games

No BioShock up there…

That’s funny, not one hour ago I mentioned that Australia had embraced the idea that adults have the capacity to make decisions vis-à-vis buying violent video games. Good ol’ Switzerland, though, the darling of Europe, has passed a law essentially outlawing violent video games. I’d feign, well, not anger, but something, but it’s Switzerland: how can you get mad at those guys?

The specifics of the ban haven’t been officially revealed yet, but apparently the most likely scenario is that games rated PEGI 18+, if not PEGI 16+, will be banned from going on sale in the country. (PEGI is sorta the European version of the ESRB.) That would affect everything from Street Fighter to Modern Warfare 2 to God of War.

While I sincerely doubt we have many Swiss readers, it’s still sorta interesting to note that enlightened Europe is still of the mindset “violent video games = bad.”

As if Europe wasn’t a violent place before Kratos showed up…