Seattle is the most dangerous place in cyberspace

Symantec published a report recently listing the 50 riskiest places to be online, as apparently having that many beardos in one place can only result in evil. Seattle made the top of the list, however San Francisco, Boston, and Washington D.C. made it up near the top as well.

The report is based off of several different factors, such as how many people use the internet, how many wifi hotspots are around, and other data about online behavior. You’d think that Seattle would be safer considering the size of the tech industry in the northwest in general, but apparently familiarity breeds contempt. At the other end of the spectrum, Detroit is one of the safest cities, with El Paso, Texas, and Memphis listed as second and third.

Symantec goes on to recommend the steps you should take if you live in one of these “dangerous” cities, which basically says buy Norton Internet Security. Of course, only you can decide what the best security solution is for you computer, but Symantec also mentions the importance of keeping your system up to date, and installing a good anti-virus program.

[via Eweek]