Impossible Project actually begins to sell Polaroid cartridges (B&W only for now)

Just a week and a half ago I wrote that instant film isn’t dead, it’s just weird and expensive. That’s never been more true than today, when the first of the Impossible Project’s Polaroid film goes on sale in the UK. If you don’t remember those guys, they’re the ones who purchased a bunch of Polaroid manufacturing equipment and decided to keep the fire, making their own film and, as is now clear, selling it for quite a lot of money.

The cartridges will sell for £16 each, or about $24. God damn! I mean, obviously they can charge what they like, seeing as they rescued the format from oblivion, but still, that’s a lot of money. The Lomo Diana F+ I’m reviewing shoots Fuji Instax Mini, which goes for $15 for a pair of 10-shot cartridges. Ah well, for some there will always only be Polaroid.

There will be two types of film sold, PX100 for the SX70 series of cameras (no longer made, and very expensive), and PX600 for the recently relaunched OneStep. The number indicates their ASA value. The films are B&W only for now, but color is supposed to come out this summer. I’m happy for Polaroid owners, but I pity their wallets.

There is also a huge selection of other Polaroid film available at The Impossible Project’s site (which seems a bit hammered at the moment), “Polapremium” cartridges that have been carefully stored — aged, if you will. They cost a bundle too but come in many interesting flavors.

[via Pocket-Lint and Engadget]