ChaCha Launches For Social FAQs. Businesses And Celebrities Welcome.

I like recent products that let users created personal FAQs one step at a time based on questions from others. You put up a box that invites people to ask you anything. People then ask questions. You answer the ones you want to and publish them. In no time you’ve got an interesting profile of your personality, likes and dislikes.

We wrote about Formspring in January, and Tumblr launched Ask Me a few days later. Now comes, a new product from ChaCha, where people and businesses can ask and answer questions. has good integration with Facebook and Twitter right off the bat, and they’ll allow question asking and answering through their mobile apps and SMS (something ChaCha does well already). But ChaCha is also partnering with celebrities to get them to use the service right away. ChaCha thinks the product is a perfect way for celebrities to talk to fans.

They’re starting things off with 2010 Grammy winner David Guetta – his page will launch later on Monday but users are already lining up the questions. If you’re willing to step things down a few notches you can see my ChaCha page here, and I’ve already answered a few of the questions.

Lots more features are coming in the next couple of weeks, says ChaCha. Among the changes – 15 million or so listed U.S. businesses in ChaCha will have the Q&A feature added to their profiles and will be able to answer questions from users.

ChaCha thinks celebrities and businesses will feel safe using because they only have to answer the questions they like and they can stay in control of the discussion.

And ChaCha users will be able to integrate the Q&A feature directly into their Facebook pages as well. ChaCha already lets users ask their friends questions on Facebook. The new feature turns that around and lets friends ask you questions, too.