HP Slate priced, dated, and spec'd?

The HP Slate has been showing up in all sorts of places since it’s CES 2010 debut. But we really never knew much about it. We didn’t know what CPU or GPU it was running, along with if it had 3G, GPS, webcams. But a Spanish site seemingly has all the answers and we like what we hear.

The Slate will rock an unspecified Atom CPU chipset that will handle Flash just fine. A memory card reader, USB ports, and a rear-mounted webcam are also mentioned to be included.

A €400 ($546) price is thrown around but let’s not speculate on the $549 USD conversion price. Products like the Slate can range in price dramatically depending on its target market, and let’s just hope HP has enough smarts to price it lower than the competing iPad. After all, so far we still haven’t heard anything about a 3G modem residing within the Slate’s sexy frame.