The SayCool tablet mates a 7-inch multitouch display to Windows XP

There is a steady stream of tablet PCs flowing out of China recently. Most of them are just the same ol’ thing, but this SayCool tablet stood out from the rest with a 7-inch capacitive screen that’s apparently multitouch capable. Now, the tablet runs Windows XP, which isn’t nearly as touch friendly as Win7, but it certainly can be done with the right cocktail of software and hardware.

It remains to be seen, however, if the multitouch capabilities can be used within Windows itself or chained down to custom-built software. It’s entirely possible that pinch-to-zoom and the other gestured advertised will only work in a SayCool program and not in standard programs like Chrome, Firefox, or MS Word.

The rest of the tablet is pretty much standard: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G. Chances are an Atom is at the core as well. But there might not even be any reason to bother yourself with the multitouch question as it may never hit US retailers.