Read The Just-Unsealed Documents From The YouTube/Viacom Case Here

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Today, YouTube and Viacom unsealed many of the documents related to their longstanding copyright litigation, in which Viacom has sued Google for $1 billion. Viacom alleges that YouTube willingly facilitated the distribution of copyrighted material, and used it to boost its own traffic (while hurting Viacom’s bottom line in the process). We’re embedding the documents, which were released minutes ago, below (it may take a few minutes to get them all posted). We’ll be posting throughout the morning on what these documents reveal.

YouTube’s Brief


Viacom Summary Judgement Motion

Viacom Summary Judgment Motion

Viacom Statement of Undisputed Facts

Viacom Statement of Undisputed Facts

Photo Credit/Flickr/ifindkarma

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