• Barnes & Noble CEO Steps Down, BN.com President William Lynch Takes Over

    Steve Riggio has signed off as CEO of bookseller Barnes & Noble to become the company’s Vice Chairman. Replacing him at the helm will be William Lynch, who has heaps of experience in e-commerce under his belt and was previously President of B&N’s main website (bn.com). The company also announced the promotion of COO Mitchell Klipper to chief executive of the… Read More

  • Trada Raises $2.2 Million For Crowdsourced SEM Management Service

    Stealth startup Trada launched to the public today as an online marketplace allowing small and medium businesses and agencies to essentially crowdsource search engine marketing services. The startup has raised $2.2 million from the Foundry Group and angel investors Alan Warms, Carlos Cashman, Dan Murray, James Crouthamel, Stuart Larkins and Robert Wolfe. As we all know, search advertising… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mother Popcorn Edition

    Here are some of yesterday’s stories: Don’t Call Tech Support. Try Orkin Instead!
    Today in history: the flight data recorder
    Sony Pictures learns the hard way: You don’t make friends with salad
    Water runs uphill in mysterious silicon etching
    “Bloom” light shows what’s possible with 3D-printed decor Read More

  • The first perpetual mechanical timepiece: Cabestan Sol Invictus

    Even discounting the fact that this is a watch, this is just an amazing little piece of machinery. The Sol Invictus puts a modern spin on the perpetual motion machine, using micro-motors, solar cells, and a chain system to create an incredibly complicated (and incredibly cool looking) timepiece. The is the first watch to combine a chain & fusée with drums and vertical tourbillon in a… Read More

  • Google TV Should Finally Push Apple TV Beyond A "Hobby"

    For the past couple of years now, when talking about the Apple TV product, Apple likes to throw out the word “hobby.” It’s as if they’re ashamed of the device. And considering sales are anemic next to Macs, iPods, and iPhones, it’s no big surprise that they talk this way. But there’s actually nothing to be ashamed of. The Apple TV is a good product. Apple… Read More

  • Traducción Necesita? Smartling Raises $4 Million To Do It For You.

    70% of users on the web do not speak English. Considering how many web sites and services are done entirely in English, obviously, this is a problem. Smartling thinks it has the solution. And now they have $4 million in funding to prove it. The realtime website translation tool has raised the Series A round led by Venrock. Also participating are U.S. Venture Partners, First Round Capital… Read More

  • Los Angeles Mentorship Program Launchpad LA Opens Applications For Its Second Session

    Silicon Valley has long been heralded as the Mecca for startups, but it isn’t the only city in California to give rise to promising tech companies. Los Angeles has a growing startup community, and is home to startups like DocStoc and a few much larger businesses, like MySpace and CitySearch. One program looking to help foster that community is Launchpad LA, which has just opened… Read More

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