Microsoft's European Browser Choice Screen Causes Spike In Opera Downloads

According to Opera Software, downloads of its latest desktop browser (10.5) have increased in number significantly after Microsoft started offering Windows users in Europe a choice in browser with a so-called ballot screen.

The Norwegian software maker says that on average, more than half of the European downloads of Opera’s latest browser come directly from that Choice Screen.

The increase represents more than a doubling from the normal download numbers. At the beginning of this month, Opera touted that browser downloads actually tripled at first, so maybe that growth rate won’t last forever.

I’m also very curious if Mozilla, Google and Apple are spotting the same trend for their respective browsers.

According to plans Microsoft has agreed to with the European Commission, the rollout of the Choice Screen will continue into May for existing Windows computers and for five more years on new installations.

No wonder Opera Software is trying to push for a global roll-out of the choice screen.

The following numbers are the percentages of country downloads of Opera’s latest desktop browser that originate from the Choice Screen, as part of the total Opera 10.5 numbers: