JBL makes slight changes to iPod dock lineup

When you’ve been making iPod and iPhone docks since the beginning, what is there to do but tweak the design every once in a while? That’s JBL’s situation, and these “new” docks are pretty much what you had before, but no one would choose the old ones over the new ones. “Greater versatility and compatibility” is their way of saying “it ain’t broke.” Let’s take a look.

The On Time 200P is the new version of this thing, which looks almost identical. The 200P has a nicer screen, though, and seems to have a significantly smaller footprint. I doubt the sound has changed a whit, though, otherwise they would have mentioned it. 24 total watts, 75-20,000Hz, iPod dock, mini jack, and radio. Alarm too, of course. $250.

The On Time Micro is what it says, a smaller alarm clock dock like the 200P. Same number of buttons, however, and we all know that’s what really matters. Kind of looks like a really bad controller attachment for the iPhone. Smaller size, smaller sound. Also $250.

The On Stage Micro II is, predictably, the sequel to the On Stage Micro. You can probably count on about six total watts here. $130, which works out to about $20 per watt. I do the math so you don’t have to!

All these (and more!) can be found on JBL’s “personal audio” page. Also, I love the old school “made for iPod” icon: Is that the one everybody uses? It’s so cute!