Get ready to lose your mind: Star Wars: Light Saber Duel iPhone App, now with Bluetooth

Oh man, strap yourself in for a complete mind-freak. THQ Wireless will release next month Star Wars: Light Saber Duel, an iPhone App that works with Bluetooth. You can see where this is going. Since it works with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to duel your other iPhone-owning friends. Adios, productivity.

You can almost picture all the videos that will be posted all over the Internet. It’s a real shame that this wasn’t released in time for SXSWi, because I think the whole conference would have stopped functioning. People at the digg party flailing about, people trying to Lightsaber duel the bouncer who wouldn’t let them into the Facebook party, and so on.

No idea how much the App will cost, but I imagine THQ Wireless could charge, like, $100 and people would still buy it in droves.