Apple set to release 27-inch LED display, 12-core Mac Pro

12 cores may sound impressive, but as rumored, it’s likely just two of the latest six-core i7s working in tandem. Actually, now that I think about it, that is pretty impressive. I can’t think of who would need such ridiculous power and multi-threading, but I know my friends in ultra-HD video and effects can’t get enough Hz. I don’t know if programs like After Effects and Final Cut are really using OpenCL much yet, but that could be a major boost as well. However, as Apple Insider notes, the 980X is not meant to be used in a dual configuration, which would necessitate two motherboards. But hey, who knows? Apple is loco. We know this.

And hey, as long as you’re spending six or seven grand on a desktop, why not buy an insanely expensive, LED-backlit monitor as well? Apple should be dropping the 27″ version of their acclaimed Cinema Display series. Personally I’m a fan of the nice Dells that turn 90 degrees for portrait viewing, but I’m not going to trash talk on a perfectly good display like the Cinema.

The 24″ LED-lit display is a whopping $900, so you can expect this one to be significantly more. If they’re revealed at an event or some such, however, we might see a price drop on the 24″ in order to make the 27″ a logical jump at $1000. We’ll find out soon.

[via Gizmodo]