Sold out! Panasonic's 3D TVs simply cannot be found in stores!

Well, well! Every single Panasonic 3D TV has been sold, meaning, I guess, that 3D TV is a hit, despite what some people think. They’re on back order now, so if you weren’t among the first to plop down nearly $3,000 for a 50-inch set you get a late slip. You’re late to the party. Last week called, and it wants to know why you didn’t buy a TV?

This is good news for probably two camps: Panasonic, obviously, and TV companies that have invested in 3D technology. Here in the U.S., ESPN will launch a 3D channel in time for the World Cup. Nobody knows who’s going to carry the channel—DirecTV doesn’t even have Fox Soccer Channel in HD yet!—but this sales report should only encourage ESPN.

Sky in Germany broadcast a soccer match last week in 3D. Der Kaiser liked it.

For the millionth time, Panasonic isn’t the only one selling 3D TVs. Samsung has a 55-inch one for $3,300, and Sony plans to launch its own line of 3D TVs in a few months. Yes, in time for the World Cup.

The World Cup is going to be 3D TVs “big moment,” if you will. Analysts and pretend analysts believe that sports will be the compelling 3D content, even more so than movies&mash;just like they were during the transition to HDTV. How many times can you see Avatar and still be impressed? It’s always exciting to see Real Madrid crash out of the Champions League, or to see the Yankees lose to some random team from the mid-west.

I’d ask if any of y’all bought a 3D TV, but I’m going to assume that none of you did. It helps me sleep at night.

That’s not to say that if ESPN hosted some sort of World Cup 3D party I wouldn’t try to weasel my way in, so whatever.