Incandescent bulb production left in the dark

Call Greenpeace, they’ll want to hear this. Today marked the end of 120 years of mass-produced incandescent bulbs for Toshiba. They had planned to stop manufacturing a year from now, but seems the timetable got moved up in favor of those more efficient LED bulbs. High fives all around people.

Believe it or not, but Toshiba has a proud and rich history when it comes to making incandescent bulbs. Way back in 1890 when their daughter company Hakunetsu-sha was the first to do so at 10 bulbs a day. The peak came in 1973 with 78 million bulbs for the year.

Regulations all around the world are starting to tighten, meaning we should see incandescent bulb production come to end within a few years. Yay the environment!