GM's Enhanced Vision System brings augmented reality to vehicle HUDs

Heads-up displays are far from new. They’ve been around in GM vehicles since the late-80s and they’ve gone from a just displaying a speedometer, to night vision, and soon to augmented reality thanks to lasers, cameras and navigation.

The Enhanced Vision System is designed with safety in mind just like previous implementations, but takes it to a whole new level. Let’s say it’s foggy or stormy. Ultraviolet lasers will paint road lines on the windshield and even read road-side signs to aid with navigation. An enhanced night vision mode even works with the new system to more percisouly identify road obstacles and animals.

All this is done with a series of front-facing sensors. This is combined with several in-vehicle cameras that track the drivers head and eyes to properly place the augmented reality layer on the windshield.

While GM has clearly put a lot of time and effort in the system, the company hasn’t announced if and or when it will hit its vehicles.