T-Mobile Cliq XT to go on sale tomorrow for $99?

If we were to take everything the rumormill said as gospel, we’d tell you that the Motorola Cliq XT launched in all of its Android glory on March 10th. Given that it’s now nearly a week later and the Cliq XT has yet to hit the shelves, we’d say that the rumormill is a dirty, dirty liar. Or, you know, something changed at the last minute.

Either way, now there’s a new, improved rumor to bank on! This rumor is stronger. This rumor is faster. Oh, and yeah, this rumor is most likely correct and includes updated pricing information.

Our friends over at TmoNews managed to dig up this T-Mobile intranet screencap which shows off just about everything any would-be Cliq XT owner wants to know. The price? $99 bucks on a 2-year contract, $199 if you opt for 1-year instead. The launch date? March 17th — otherwise referred to by the present time cool kids as “tomorrow”.