Moshi Moshi: Native Union makes Skype/iPhone headsets fun again

Moshi Moshi! I’m not a huge headset fan but these are some of the coolest accessories I’ve seen in a while. All of these devices, the 04i, the 03, and the 02, connect to PCs or iPhones either via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable. The 04i acts as a stereo Bluetooth speaker as well as a speaker phone. This model doesn’t support iPhone/Touch charging, but future models will. It costs $199 and is clad in soft touch plastic and has a front panel made of aluminium. You actually pick it up to talk and make calls. Sure it looks a little odd, but the audio is great and it’s quite fun. Probably best for the kitchen.

The 03 is a Bluetooth kit that allows you to pair with a phone or connect to a PC or laptop and make a call just like you would with a regular phone. When calls come in you press a button and the audio is routed through the mic/speaker combo. It costs $129.

Finally, there’s the 02. This is direct cable connection to your iPhone or MacBook and just makes it easier to talk without keeping the phone close to your face. It costs $59.

The devices will be available in May. I got to play with all of them and the 04i is really the coolest. You can pair with your iPhone to play music and when a call comes in pick up the speaker to talk. Look for our full review shortly.

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