Maingear stuffs an Intel Core i7 980X into the SHIFT and still calls it an everyday super computer

The Maingear Shift line is designed for serious computing on a budget. You won’t find silly automatic airvents or fancy-pants hard drive trays here. Nope, it’s just a good, solid computer platform meant for those looking to have their own super computer. And that super computer goal is even more achievable now that the Intel Core i7 980X is one of the CPU options.

Of course the fast system will be even quicker with the 6 core 3.33GHz CPU at the core. Maingear added a USB 3.0 option and updated the SATA to the 6G flavor, which allows for the optional Crucial RealSSD C300 to reach 335 MB/s read speeds.

The Core i7-980X option alone costs an additional $991 on top of the $2,299 starting price, but if you through in six 512GB SSDs along with every other option, you can easily build a Shift that costs north of $25,000. And they call it the everyday super computer.