Gimped "Avatar" Blu-ray coming soon

Everyone’s favorite Dances With Wolves remake, Avatar, is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. Just don’t expect many extras. Or 3-D.

As reported by the great, 20th Century Fox will shortly announce a 4/22 release date for Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD. But be aware that if you want some bonus features, or 3D, you might have to double or even triple dip. According to the article:

“Don’t expect any extras, however, because you won’t get any – just a menu…that’s being done to maximize the video and audio quality by devoting all the available disc space to it. Here’s the thing though: The studio obviously already knows its going to be double-dipping on the title later this year with a more elaborate multi-disc special edition…which shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. But neither this round, nor the November version, will be 3D. That’ll likely come in a third dip a year or two from now. You see, in order to sell more than a few dozen copies in 3D, Fox needs the market for 3D on Blu-ray (meaning capable players and displays) to… well, frankly EXIST… first. So for now, it’s movie-only versions on Earth Day, more elaborate versions in November and no 3D this year.”

Personally, I’m hoping for a Kevin Costner audio commentary. He’s not too busy these days, and I think he’d probably do it for a hot sandwich at this point.

Image from here, but I don’t know what it is.