EA removes SecuROM DRM from Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Since we’re your go-to source for complaining about DRM (now on CNN!), I figure we should mention the latest development regarding EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Dice, the game’s developer’s, have removed SecuROM DRM from both the retail version of the game as well as the digitally distributed one (i.e. Steam). Why a Steam game even needs SecuROM in the first place (it’s merely a disc check, so…) is a question I cannot answer. It’s probably like a contractual thing or something.

This comes by way of the game’s latest patch, which went live for the retail version—the Steam version is still on the way.

Other things of note? Not really, just the average bug-fixes and UI fine tuning.

In other news, yes, Inter beat Chelsea! That made my day, for real.