2K Games explains why you have to pay for BioShock 2 DLC already in your possession

We’re just trying to create a balanced world for you, dear. Now hand over the money!

“The way our engine and game structure works is that people need to have the exact same content for people to play together. One of the challenges with post-launch content for MP is that it can split the player base, and we want to avoid that whenever possible.” Yes, because increasing the level cap for some players, as well as giving them new characters and new weapons, won’t “split the player base.”

The rage I felt yesterday re: BioShock 2 DLC has tempered a bit, if only because I saw Food, Inc. last night—my rage is now directed at the likes of Monsanto and ConAgra. (I will now be sued by Monsanto under the veggie libel laws.)

But yeah, that’s 2K Games’ explanation as to why they needed to include the DLC on the disc. I do wonder if there’s more DLC sitting on the disc, and if not, then what does that say about the current explanation? “Well, in March we were concerned about splitting the player base, but it’s August now and we really don’t give a toss.”

2K added, “For this content, creating the DLC package the way we did allowed for us to not split the player base – so whether you purchase the new content or not, you can still play with your friends.”

I’m well within my right to say, “I don’t believe you,” while simultaneously acknowledging that DLC I had no intention of buying, and now that I certainly won’t be buying, isn’t worth the time of day.

If only we had a representative government, that way I could ask my representative, “Is this practice [keeping content on a disc you’ve already purchased behind a pay-wall, without telling consumers ahead of the time what the deal is] even legal? If not, what are my options? I think it’s only reasonable to know exactly what I’m purchasing when I purchase something, right? Or should I just do what I’m told?”