UHF station available on eBay

Did you ever wish that your uncle could win the deed to a UHF television station, hand ownership over to you, and then you could fill it with (awesome) programming like “Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse,” “Wheel of Fish,” and “Bowling for Burgers”? Well, maybe you don’t have an uncle who can just give you one, but if you’ve got $550,000 lying around, you can buy your own.

That’s right — an entire UHF station is up on ebay. Here’re some of the details.

“This is a full Television Station for sale.This broadcast from a 200 ft tower not shown. The 200 ft tower does not go with the sale but the antenna and all equipment does.
It has the license and the property. It is operating on channel 38 in Muskegon, Michigan. It also is on the area Comcast Cable system and several smaller cables throughout the city.
The station broadcasts to Muskegon County, Oceana County, Ottawa County and parts of Kent County.

It has been on the air since 1990.”

This is quite possible the best thing for sale on eBay since Martin Short’s suit from the movie “Clifford” popped up last year. Either way, if you have the cash for this and decide to take the plunge, please be sure to sign up “Spatula City” as a sponsor. They’re awesome.

(Special thanks to Mike Civins for the UHF link!)