Stainless steel iPhone case protects your precious

Still carrying your iPhone in your pants pocket eh? Well, I guess you can do that. Be careful if you sit down though, you might end up with a pocket full of broken dreams and unicorn tears. Well, unless you have this pretty sweet stainless steel iPhone case.

Hand made in Portland Oregon by a person who obviously knows industrial design, this seriously stout case is hand finished and made from high grade steel. The case is custom cut with a flip cover, including space to show the time and date, as well as allowing you to answer the phone without opening the case. The designer even thought to include vents for cooling, and to improve reception. Of course, this level of hand crafted goodness isn’t going to come cheap. The LTD Tools iPhone case sells for $95, but it seems like a small price to pay for the security of knowing your phone’s case will stop a bullet.

[via iPhone Savior]