Kingston's new "fastest memory ever" probably is, but won't be next month

I haven’t been keeping up with the hardware. Last year I was all set because I’d recently built my PC, but all this dag-nabbed Macintosh-using has made me lazy. So when Kingston says their new HyperX 2400MHz DDR3 RAM is the fastest in the world and is timed at 9-11-9-27-2, all I can do is nod my head, open a new tab, and hit “New Post.” The result… is what you see.

The fact is that it’s a full-time job to keep up with enthusiast hardware. I skimmed this great roundup of processor features recently and it let me know how much I’d missed out on — and of course there’s memory and motherboards to think of as well.

I’m planning on putting together a new PC sometime in the next six months or so, at which time I’ll check in with all my favorite hardware sites and get a digest of what’s been happening, what’s a gyp, what’s on the horizon, and so on. But in the meantime, just check out the fins on these babies! This isn’t only the fastest RAM in the world, it’s also the first RAM you can simultaneously burn and stab yourself with!

[via Hot Hardware]