Famebook: Because You've Always Wanted To Have Your Facebook Feed On Paper

Remember that time when a marketing agency’s labs unit cooked up an application that allowed you to print your tweets in a custom notebook (aka, Tweetnotebook)?

Ok, fair chance you don’t – I sure do because I have one of those lying around here somewhere.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time before they did the same for Facebook – and lo and behold, here’s My Famebook.

Concept is the same as Tweetnotebook: you can create and order a unique notebook, featuring an item from your Facebook feed at the bottom of every page, via the website in just a few minutes. You can make a ‘book of you’ or select the wittiest Facebook status messages from your friends.

Once personalized with a custom lay-out, message selection and cover design, you can preview your Famebook and choose to order the 320-page paperback version for €14 ($19) or go for a 200-page hardcover edition at €18 ($25) – shipping costs not included. You know, if you really always wanted to have your Facebook stream printed on dead trees.

Just a thought: who actually owns status messages posted on Facebook, and is it cool for My Famebook to just print them out? Not that we want to be party poopers, but there must be some copyright issues here, right?