Pushup bar for Wii Fit Balance Board

Fun fact: If you took one of every available Wii accessory and laid them all end-to-end, they’d stretch around the world 17 times! Add this Balance Board pushup bar to the line.

For realsies, though, if you’ve been using Wii Fit you’ll agree that doing pushups is a bit on the awkward side. I find the Balance Board to be a little too narrow for my hulking frame and that, coupled with my shockingly feeble upper body strength, means that I’d probably order this attachment to make doing pushups easier and then be like, “This hurts more now!”

The science behind the whole thing is that it’ll allow you “to perform deeper pushups.” You can also re-jigger the angle of the handles if you really want to impress the cartoon Wii Fit lady instructor. The Wii Push Up Bar is up for pre-order on Amazon for $25.

[CTA Digital via Gizmodo]