MyEdu Will Be Your Curriculum Guide And Virtual College Advisor Rolled Into One

Do you remember to the days of college, when you were required to sort through your curriculum and career goals with your designated college advisor? Education startup MyEdu aims to replace this by helping students virtually access their academic information and create a roadmap tailored to their career goals.

To date, over 2 million students at 750 universities have used MyEdu to earn their degree. MyEdu’s suite of online products try to streamline the entire process of a college student’s lifecycle, from selecting a college through to earning a degree. The suite includes detailed course descriptions, grade distributions, official course evaluations, and student reviews to pick the right classes; and schedule Planner to build the best schedule that fits a student’s time constraints and goals.

MyEdu also includes a graduation and degree roadmap to help students build a plan and stay on course towards the degree they want in order to graduate. And the academic progress dashboard allows students to track their grades in a centralized place. MyEdu charges a $20 annual subscription for the entire academic suite.

The startup, which just raised $5.5 million in funding from Bain Capital Ventures, has a compelling model to help both students and parents participate in the college planning process. And as colleges are now rapidly adopting web technologies as a educational tool (i.e. Blackboard); it makes sense for universities to do the same for college advising.