Modern Warfare 2 DLC map pack coming to PC March 30, Xbox and PS3 shortly after

We featured a so-called leaked video showing MW2‘s upcoming map pack last week but had no idea when players will get access to the new maps. Activision finally came clean, though, and announced that the DLC will hit PCs first on March 30, with consoles getting it sometime afterwards. Oh, and yeah, it will be named Stimulus Package just like the rumor stated, which is a kind of appropriate name, actually.

March 30 is almost a month after Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launched and you have to imagine that many MW2 players defected to BC2 after it launched. But the map pack’s 10 new maps might be just enough to draw players back. The free DLC might indeed be MW2’s stimulus package.

Activision didn’t officially announce the new maps, but here’s the list that’s been floating around the ‘Net over the last week.

  • Abandon
  • DCWH-The White House
  • Compact
  • Revolt
  • Complex
  • Storm

It’s supposed to also have these COD 4 maps.

  • Shipment
  • Vacant
  • Overgrown
  • Crash

I would embed the preview video again, but Activision all of them. Losers.