The Dell Precision M4500 brings serious power to the 15.6-inch party

Dell made a huge splash back in December when it launched the Core i7 Extreme Precision M6500 beast, but it isn’t exactly a perfect mobile solution weighing in at 8.5 lbs weight and 17-inch screen. The new Precision M4500 aims to solve that dilemma by offering nearly the same power with a Intel Core i7-920XM Quad Core Extreme Edition and Nvidia Quadro FX GPU options, but with a so-much-more portable 15.6-inch screen and 6 lbs weight.

Dell is calling this the most powerful 15.6-inch notebook available and we can find no fault in that claim. The company came to that conclusion by the combination of the Core-i7920XM Quad Core Extreme Edition and the Nvidia Quadro FX 1800m GPU. Combined with a maximum of 16GB, the M4500 will stand toe to toe with the M6500 and nearly any graphic workstation. The 100% user selectable color gamut sRGB LED-backlit screen helps secure its spot as a true desktop replacement notebook, too.

Dell also worked in some mobility solutions, too. The M4500 packs the obligatory webcam, along Gobi 2.0 mobile broadband support and an 64GB SSD MiniCard for additional data storage that doesn’t require users to swap out the optical drive.

The M4500 is also the first notebook available for Dell’s new instant-on application. Dubbed Dell Precision On, it provides users near instant access to email, calender, contact, and even the internet and virtual remote desktops. Think of it as a business-oriented splash launch screen like what’s found on most netbooks and consumer notebooks these days.

The M4500 line starts out at an somewhat affordable sub-$2,000 price point, but that’s the plain jane, Core i5 model. You’re going to want to ask your IT department to get you the fully-stocked rig, which will no doubt cost more than your company-issued Corolla when they ship later this month.