Not 3D but pretty, too: Sony's seven new LCD TVs

Granted, the seven new LCD (non-3D) TVs Sony announced [JP] in Japan today are not as sexy as their 3D counterparts, but they are worth mentioning, too. The new BRAVIAs break down into three series, the NX800, the HX700 and the HDD-equipped BX-30H. In contrast to the 3D TVs presented today, Sony didn’t go into details regarding international sales plans for their 2D models.


The NX800 series consists of a 40- and a 46-inch model, the KDL-46NX800 (pictured above). Both are full HD and come with LED backlight, four HDMI ports, a USB port, wireless LAN, and the so-called On/Off Conscious function, which makes sure the TVs get turned off automatically when they detect no people in the vicinity.

Prices: $2,200 for the small model, $2,900 for the 46-incher (release date for both: April 30).


The HX700 series consists of two models with the same sizes as the NX800 TVs. The 46-inch model, the KDL-46HX700, is pictured above. Spec-wise, these two displays lack the wireless LAN function and the LED backlight (they have CCFL backlights instead). Prices: $2,100 for the 40-incher, and $2,800 for the 46-inch model (release date: April 30).


The main selling point of the BX-30H series is the 500GB HDD the 22-, 26- and 32-inch models come with (the 32-incher, the KDL-32BX-30H is pictured above). All three models have CCFL backlights, feature just 1,366×768 resolution, don’t have a USB port and only three HDMI interfaces. Prices: $900 for the smallest version, $1,050 for the 26-inch model and $1,120 for the 32-incher.

All BX-30H TVs will hit Japanese stores on June 10.