HyperSID brings 8-bit sound back to the 21st century

The MOS Technology sound interface device (SID) has been a favorite of electronic musicians for decades. Originally released within the Commodore CBM-II, 64, and 128 series of computers, this little chip could create 4 different waveforms on 3 analog channels. The guys over at HyperSynth have some custom SID synthesizers for sale, along with a software plug-in to talk to your favorite recording software.

The HyperSID is MIDI driven device, containing a microprocessor and a real SID chip. No emulation here kids. This is the real deal. All three versions of the chip are supported (8580, 6582, and 6581). MIDI signal goes in, and the audio comes out of a balance 1/4″ output. The brightness on the front panel is also controlled by the incoming MIDI signal. ‘Cause if you can’t see your music, you’re not making music, right? Right.

The unit itself comes in the below seen half-rack or rack mountable versions.

The VST controller is a very powerful plug-in giving you real-time control over the synthesizer. LFOs, envelope filters, pitch bending, this thing’s got it all.

There are other SID units and emulators on the market, but the HyperSID looks like the most plug-and-play, fully contained system available. These units will run you between $300 and $450 fully assembled, or if you want to put it together yourself, as low as $50.

via [Retro Thing]