Hackers cost U.S. businesses $25 million in phishing-related scams in 2009

From now on, any story about “hackers” or “hacking” will be accompanied by a link to the song “Halcyon And On And On,” as made famous by the movie Hackers. With that in mind: who made more money last year, Wall Street fat-cats or hackers? The U.S. FDIC says that online scams cost businesses $25 million last year. These scams include phishing and other associated nonsense, which you really ought to be smart to nowadays.

The most common way for people to be bilked out of their money is that they’re tricked into giving away the bank account info. You get an e-mail from “Citybank” that says something is wrong with your account, or that it needs to be “verified” or whatever. So you put your info in, and now some punk kid in St. Peterberg or Kazan has your bank info. Have fun dealing with that!

I’ve said it at least 80 million times in the past year: do not go around giving your info to anybody. Nobody!