Did you know there was a Last Starfighter video game?

I don’t know how I missed this a few years ago but did you know there was a fully-featured Last Starfighter videogame made for a documentary on the film. With all this talk of Tron I wanted to check out the other major CG-infused release from my childhood and after watching it (Don’t. You will be disappointed. It’s not as good as you remember it.) I found this site from RogueSynapse. It doesn’t appear to work under Win7, however.

TLS was one of the first movies to use rendered space ships in a battle, a major step forward. Considering Return of the Jedi still used stop-motion special effects, the fact they stuck in CG animations is a milestone in sci-fi. I think the that the game was made for a small featurette called “Crossing the Frontier: Making the Last Starfighter” that may or may not appear on the Blu-Ray version of the movie. The chronology here is all very murky.