Sausage iPhone stylus shipping to US

You may have seen the “Sausage Finger” iPhone photos making the rounds early last month. I could have sworn we posted it but I can’t seem to find it. Anyhoo, it was a photo of two guys on a South Korean subway car using little sausages to manipulate their iPhones while wearing gloves. Everyone had a chuckle and then we all moved on—UNTIL NOW!

You can get your very own “iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus” for 99 cents, plus around five bucks for shipping. The product is “not for consumption” but is compatible with all versions of the iPhone and, therefore, the iPod Touch as well.

You could also pick up some sausages at your local grocery store every week to avoid the shipping charges and the whole “not for consumption” rule.

iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus [ via OhGizmo!]