Replacing laptop LCDs to save battery life

What’s least energy efficient part of your laptop? The LCD, correct. What are your options? Stop using computers? I would if I could, believe me. Or, you could be a little adventurous and try to swap out the LCD with another, more energy efficient one. Sort of like hammering a nail with a sledgehammer, yes.

The company that makes the replacement LCDs is called Pixel Qi, and it claims that its LCDs are anywhere between one-quarter to one-half as power-hungry as “normal” LCDs. Pixel Qi doesn’t explain how or why its LCDs are so much better than other ones. Let’s call it magic and leave it at that.

The fancy LCDs should be available by the end of June.

ProTip: when using a laptop and battery power is a concern, dim the screen all the way all the way down. Yeah, your screen is a little darker, but the battery will last a little bit longer. No harm in that.