Platogo enables developers to make their casual games Facebook ready

[Austria] Platogo, the social games platform, has today released its Platogo Wrapper that enables casual games developers to easily integrate their games with Facebook by inserting a few lines of code.

Essentially, it lets any casual game take advantages of the basic social features offered through Facebook, such as the ability for a user to invite and play with friends in their social graph and see how their scores compare, challenge each other, and display their gaming achievements on their Facebook wall.

The idea was to offer a solution that “automatically transforms any casual game into a social gaming experience.” says Florian Landerl, Product Manager at Platogo. That ‘social gaming experience’ on Facebook, of course, also means a casual game has the basis to go viral.

Also important from a developer’s point of view, the actual Facebook app created is owned by them and not Platogo. And so is the relationship with users who can become fans so that developers can keep them updated using Facebook’s built-in communication channels.

Platogo says that its solution also removes the headache of keeping up with Facebook’s endless policy changes. If the social network changes its app rules, Platogo will adapt its wrapper leaving developers to concentrate on making games.

As well as a comprehensive API so that, should they wish, develops can add further Platogo-enabled social features, the company offers its own virtual currency for use within games. Called ‘Platogo Coins’ it enables developers to earn money by selling in-game virtual goods and is, presumably, how Platogo will make money too along with a share of ad-revenue.